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Texas Business License

644931 GUTIERREZ, SHREATHA T Barber, Class A
312302 ROEL, ORTIZ Apprentice Electrician
192061 HENRY, MIKE L Apprentice Electrician
1582478 PHAN, TUYET THI YEN Cosmetology Manicurist
240686 MARTINEZ, JORGE A Journeyman Electrician
1611513 BLACKSHEAR, EDNA M Cosmetology Operator
1245643 HA, TRANG THI HOANG Cosmetology Esthetician
765102 SPRING HERBAL NAILS & SPA Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
1660508 ARCENEAUX, MIA Cosmetology Hair Braider
1284534 TRUONG, BACH-TUYET THI Cosmetology Manicurist
348328 PASSOULE, ABDOURAHMANE Apprentice Electrician
325429 MONROY, AGUSTIN Apprentice Electrician
48358 OLIVARES, JAVIER A A/C Technician
767034 ME2 BEAUTY BAR Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1132243 BUI, KIM VICTORIA Cosmetology Operator
41601 JANAK, ALBERT J Master Electrician
325834 DIAZ, ANTONIO R Apprentice Electrician
305688 GONZALEZ, ARIEL Apprentice Electrician
711855 J & C NAILS Cosmetology Manicure Salon
743550 TOMBALL BEAUTY SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1401674 CHILDS, MARY DEANN Cosmetology Operator
1176733 MALDONADO, ROSALINDA Cosmetology Operator
1628723 ESCOBAR, MARY JANE Cosmetology Operator
1011368 MAYS, PATRICIA ANN Cosmetology Manicurist
1627123 HERRERA, MARIA DEL CARMEN Cosmetology Operator
11214 HAVARD, RONNA K VSF Employee
1648601 TRAN, ANH NAM Cosmetology Manicurist
1575677 NASH, BRANDI NICOLE Cosmetology Operator
1411704 NGUYEN, HOA MAI Cosmetology Operator
1409014 HAMMOND, LORETTA Cosmetology Operator Instructor
163838 HARRIS, EVA J Cosmetology Operator
1473844 NELSON, THY'ASIA Cosmetology Hair Braider
102745 RODRIGUEZ, GERARDO Apprentice Electrician
66481 VILLANUEVA, ANDREW A/C Technician
712961 CELEBRATE SKIN CARE Cosmetology Esthetician Salon
1578887 SHEHAN, TIFFANY MARIE Cosmetology Operator
8098 PEDRAZA, MARCO A A/C Technician
138861 MARTINEZ, CARLOS SR Apprentice Electrician
31153 MEDRANO, ANDREW A A/C Contractor
1468760 FASILIS, CHRISTINA Cosmetology Operator
350196 MORA, ERIK U Apprentice Electrician
192587 ESPARZA, HECTOR J Master Electrician
45479 CHILDERS, EDWARD R Journeyman Electrician
1417733 NAVARRO, ALICIA Cosmetology Operator
320809 MATA, SAMUEL Apprentice Electrician
1465990 HO, HUYEN THI THANH Cosmetology Operator
317621 BEJARANO, CELENA L Apprentice Electrician
357904 RUIZ, EDUARDO O Apprentice Electrician
329085 REYES, DANIEL A Apprentice Electrician
1457034 WU, FENG CHUN Cosmetology Manicurist
746183 TWEETY NAILS TECHNIQUE Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
1634458 THACH, NANG THI SAM Cosmetologist
1257768 HINDIC, ADILA Cosmetology Operator
146938 TORRES, OSWALDO J Apprentice Electrician
1657616 BEHRENDS, BROOKE MARIE Cosmetology Operator Instructor
1448332 ARZOLA, ALEXUS E Cosmetology Operator
648885 BJ'S SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
68929 BENITEZ, JAVIER A Apprentice Electrician
1503758 TRAN, NGAN TIEU Cosmetology Esthetician
1605861 RAMIREZ, BRYANNA DENICE Cosmetology Operator
300801 SPRUIELL, JOSHUA P Apprentice Electrician
199150 ORTH, STEPHEN P Apprentice Electrician
1661745 LA, LUAN M Cosmetologist
1563050 NGUYEN, TAM PHUONG THI Cosmetology Esthetician
1194401 EVANS, TERESA DENTON Cosmetology Esthetician
68757 MARTINEZ, JUAN G A/C Technician
726381 NAIL TODAY Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
1419477 QUINONES, ELIA Cosmetology Operator
1091057 DIAZ, SUSANA Cosmetology Operator
28140 STOVIAK, DARRELL D Journeyman Electrician
1169029 VO, OANH NGOC Cosmetology Manicurist
1227104 WALLACE, CRYSTAL LYNN Cosmetology Operator
641648 KING, MARVIN J Barber, Class A
1432979 TRAN, THANH MINH Cosmetology Esthetician
67029 HERNANDEZ, ANTONIO A/C Technician
1526780 NGUYEN, THAM Cosmetology Manicurist
316040 REYES, HENRY Apprentice Electrician
87209 SAMMONS, JON-ALLEN Apprentice Electrician
1623593 PHAN, VINH T Cosmetology Manicurist
1650630 BRAZIEL, BRITTANY Cosmetology Hair Braider
194467 CARMOUCHE, MATTHEW C Journeyman Electrician
39218 ROBINSON, DARRELL F SR A/C Technician
1615318 NGUYEN, UYEN NU NHU Cosmetology Manicurist
136350 TORRES, FLAVIO Apprentice Electrician
1579162 ACUNA, KARLA Cosmetology Manicurist
1196777 VALDEZ, SOLEDAD Cosmetology Operator
COSMNS00755280 STUDIO 2911
4973 DERSONE, DONALD R Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
29601 POLLARD, CHAD D II Dual Towing Operator(IM)/VSF Employee
35125 VENCES, ALFREDO Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
306093 SALINAS, JUAN Apprentice Electrician
1319601 SOSA, ESPERANZA Cosmetology Manicurist
319399 HERNANDEZ, ELIM M Apprentice Electrician
1234960 HUYNH, ANDY DINH Cosmetology Manicurist
1360 BL COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL Cosmetology CE Provider
866126 CRAIGMYLE, SALLY LE Cosmetology Manicurist
301228 ESTRADA, DARWIN O Apprentice Electrician
1403594 GARZA, JESSICA RUBY Cosmetology Operator
1295840 NGUYEN, HUYEN T Cosmetology Esthetician
23350 MALDONADO, VICTOR H A/C Contractor
315059 YBANEZ, JONATHAN A Apprentice Electrician
231242 GONZALEZ, CELESTINO JR Apprentice Electrician
722718 HAIR TREND Cosmetology Beauty Salon
296983 PEREZ, SANTANA Apprentice Electrician
1170275 TU, NGA TO Cosmetology Manicurist
312531 REYES, JULIO M SR Apprentice Sign Electrician
733690 BRILLIANT DAY SPA Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1469368 TON, PHUONG NUMINH Cosmetology Manicurist
295004 NAVIA, JAIME Apprentice Electrician
1621619 DIMMICK, LACEY YVONNE Cosmetology Operator
888374 CHUNG, LAN Cosmetology Operator
749370 MAR & ROSA SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
325660 NAVARRETE, ROBERTO Apprentice Electrician
290603 MENDOZA, JOSE L Appliance Installer
1582465 NGUYEN, THUY AN THI Cosmetology Manicurist
136490 HUGHES MEDLOW, CACILIE Y Apprentice Electrician
1557528 NGUYEN, QUYEN THI VU Cosmetology Manicurist
345897 PRIM, CINTILYA Apprentice Electrician
150500 GOMEZ, ALEJANDRO Apprentice Electrician
63862 SANCHEZ, JOSE A JR A/C Technician
237485 BUTCHER, EDWARD Barber, Class A
1648944 GANT, SYLVIA MAE Cosmetology Esthetician
1149704 NGUYEN, JOANNE Cosmetology Operator
229339 MORENO, DAVID Journeyman Electrician
1680808 HA, THUY THI BICH Cosmetologist
1063021 NGUYEN, MY DUNG THI Cosmetology Manicurist
749098 THE DIVATYZER'S BRAIDING SALON Cosmetology Hair Braiding Salon
264057 NICHOLS, LANCE S Apprentice Electrician
187243 SANCHEZ, CONRADO Journeyman Electrician
132944 ROZELL, JOYCE EILEEN Cosmetology Operator
1491212 WALKER, TAMIKA MICHELLE Cosmetology Operator Instructor
108138 SALDANA, RICARDO SR Journeyman Electrician
1496340 NGUYEN, TRANG THI HIEN Cosmetology Manicurist
1453735 TRAN, KIM HOA-THI Cosmetology Manicurist
103547 WIGGINS, JAMES D Maintenance Electrician
1202723 PRESSWOOD, VIVIEN LE Cosmetology Esthetician
1498460 VARNER, BEVERLY Cosmetology Esthetician
632792 TAYLOR, ROBIN DEWAYNE Barber, Class A
1100020 NGUYEN, ANH LAN THI Cosmetology Manicurist
1221451 DE LA CRUZ, CATALINA GUERRERO Cosmetology Operator
1310288 BAZAN, LINDA LEAH Cosmetology Esthetician
154382 HERNANDEZ, ALFREDO Apprentice Electrician
1544950 NGUYEN, CAROLINE Cosmetology Manicurist
1670665 AN, HUONG QUYNH Cosmetologist
1614641 PENA, CRYSTAL LEE Cosmetology Operator
1209824 LOTT, ERICA DANIELLE Cosmetology Operator
1154356 MEJIA, SANDRA M Cosmetology Operator
1505163 CAMPOS-RAMIREZ, YISELA Cosmetology Manicurist
1031244 GUERRA, MARICELA Cosmetology Operator
1245407 LE, MINH TRANG THI Cosmetology Esthetician
233497 ROBINSON, DAVID Barber, Class A
4667 MANCIA, TITO E Used Auto Parts Recycler Employee
1076367 VAZQUEZ, ELVA LUZ A Cosmetology Operator
1401273 CEPEDA, KAREN JOHANA Cosmetology Operator
301853 THOMAS, SEDERIA ANN Apprentice Electrician
216500 BEAMAN, BARRY S Maintenance Electrician
310589 ARROYO, JOSE D Apprentice Electrician
306571 MORAN, PEDRO Apprentice Electrician
40182 CHASE, SCOTT E Master Electrician
1552909 NGUYEN, QUE THANH THI Cosmetology Manicurist
356514 TORRES, ELISEO Apprentice Electrician
347337 DUHALY, ALI QASIM Apprentice Electrician
167778 SANCHEZ, CARLOS J Apprentice Electrician
197363 RAMIREZ, CHRISTOPHER CAMACHO Apprentice Electrician
1310516 FLORES, MARIA M Cosmetology Operator
326641 TINAJERO, JESUS Apprentice Electrician
752236 NEWLOOK BEAUTY SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
684061 UNIQUE HAIR DESIGN Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1173699 REYES-RAMOS, RUTH YANETH Cosmetology Operator
16052 MAREZ, ERASMO J Journeyman Electrician
1270033 LU, HUE Cosmetology Esthetician
1570555 VO, BON THI Cosmetology Operator
1499389 BUI, NGOC QUYEN Cosmetology Manicurist
214308 CRUZ, JOSE R Apprentice Electrician
847059 RATHMANN, NORBERT Cosmetology Operator
1437948 PHAN, OANH THI HONG Cosmetology Operator
1082067 NHAN, TAM MINH Cosmetology Operator
337006 SMTH, MICHAEL C Apprentice Electrician
26383 BENJAMIN, WILLIE D A/C Technician
108093 ROCHA, RICARDO Journeyman Electrician
1088747 LOWERY, KARON KAY Cosmetology Operator
24269 ROCHE, LARRY G JR Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
344824 TROUNG, JOHN HOANG Apprentice Electrician
3908 PEREZ, SAMI Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
203312 JOSEPH, ANTHONY E Journeyman Electrician
1232552 CASTILLO, MARIBEL Cosmetology Operator
134665 JOHNSTON, MICHAEL LAMAR Cosmetology Operator
52420 VARELA, ELOY H Apprentice Electrician
52909 BARKER, RAY L Barber, Class A
6039 LOREDO, JESSE C Journeyman Electrician
1529883 ROMERO, LAURA Cosmetology Operator
1096922 SMITH, JOYCE L Cosmetology Operator
1286439 MOCZYGEMBA, SONIA DE LOS ANGELES Cosmetology Operator
1664856 AL WAQFI, RAEDAA A Cosmetology Operator
54799 RODRIGUEZ, WILFREDO Apprentice Electrician
303283 LUGO, MARGARITO Apprentice Electrician
32432 NUTT, ROBIN Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
1444526 REYES, MIRLA Cosmetology Operator
1480075 TA, QUYNH THUY XUAN Cosmetology Manicurist
1617518 SCOTT, MARIA S Cosmetology Hair Braider
32009 ERAZO, EFREN C A/C Contractor
1288524 DUNCAN, MARIA TERESA Cosmetology Operator
1565746 SOLIS-GOMEZ, MARIELA Cosmetology Operator
299645 BEULICH, CHRISTIAN ESQ Apprentice Electrician
39758 JANDRES, OSCAR D Journeyman Electrician
1627565 KA, AMINATA Cosmetology Hair Braider
1601967 MIMS, ERIN Cosmetology Operator
1242599 AMEGA, PATIENCE D Cosmetology Operator
356420 GARZA, EDGAR Apprentice Electrician
314897 SALINAS, CODY Apprentice Electrician
341916 GARCIA, BRIAN Apprentice Electrician
1052629 COLON, CLAUDIA E Cosmetology Operator
339010 WINSTON, ALEXANDER Apprentice Electrician
1169761 MOODY, SOON CHAE Cosmetology Operator
124154 MOORE, RONALD E II Apprentice Electrician
234768 CAMPBELL, JOSEPH W SR Apprentice Electrician
1051500 MARSHALL FLAKES, CYNTHIA RENEE Cosmetology Operator
1049363 HUYNH, THANH VAN Cosmetology Manicurist
1179207 FAIZ, AZRA Cosmetology Operator
1335319 SHELBY, SARAH ELIZABETH Cosmetology Esthetician
1636393 TRAN, QUYNH NGUYEN XUAN Cosmetology Manicurist
1319128 TRAN, TRANG HUYNH Cosmetology Manicurist
1242561 NGUYEN, THANH-TRUC LE Cosmetology Manicurist
325695 ARZU, KELVIN Apprentice Sign Electrician
110504 OLIVARES, JOSE ARMANDO Residential Wireman
349621 AVILA, RAMIRO Apprentice Electrician
1111618 ALFARO, MARIA ANA Cosmetology Operator
1333217 MIRANDA, MARIA E Cosmetology Operator
1080310 NGUYEN, THI NGHIA Cosmetology Manicurist
1313435 HUYNH, LIEU THI Cosmetology Esthetician
1515 BAIRD, GREGORY L Used Auto Parts Recycler Employee
336302 RAMIREZ, JOSE A Apprentice Electrician
58107 DICKERSON, MARSHALL K A/C Technician
77980 GUERRERO, ANDREW JR Journeyman Electrician
1462682 HUYNH, TU CAM Cosmetology Manicurist
1446532 TIEN, KHAI T Cosmetology Manicurist
24808 MARTINEZ, JUAN G SR Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
1282419 NGUYEN, KIM XUYEN Cosmetology Manicurist
1237378 DE LEON, BLANCA Cosmetology Operator Instructor
11314 PARKS, MICHAEL DALE A/C Contractor
877505 MATTHEWS, CHERYL A Cosmetology Operator
159736 GARCIA, ROEL JR Master Electrician
1565433 LUU, PHUONG THI DIEM Cosmetology Manicurist
82935 REUTER, CHRISTOPHER E SR Maintenance Electrician
297310 GARRISON, JACOB Apprentice Electrician
1622384 LABEACH, MELESIA N Cosmetology Operator
195569 FUNDORA, DENIS JESUS Apprentice Electrician
34893 HELTON, CALVIN R Journeyman Electrician
336050 MONTALVO, CLAUDIO SR Apprentice Electrician
1562282 GARCIA, REYNA Cosmetologist
1527526 HA, THAM Cosmetology Operator
1195027 NGUYEN, THI K. Cosmetology Manicurist
1593887 HO, HONG THI Cosmetologist
1431636 BICE, JACQUELYN SUE Cosmetology Operator Instructor
23168 BEENE, DALE A/C Contractor
319065 VELAZQUEZ, JUAN FRANCISCO Apprentice Electrician
99050 GARCIA, OTONIEL Journeyman Electrician
339951 NGUYEN, JEFFREY Apprentice Electrician
45857 DOSSETT, GARY ELMER Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
1629106 THONG, LINH N Cosmetology Manicurist
3985 STACEY, CAREY DOYLE Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
1647673 SMOTHERS, BIANCA D Cosmetology Operator
1475567 BOUTTE, RENIKA Cosmetology Operator
26779 NGUYEN, TUNG T A/C Contractor
1256682 CHU, LILY Cosmetology Manicurist
1664690 LY, LINH THI HONG Cosmetologist
1407666 NGUYEN, BONG THI Cosmetology Manicurist
1239145 DINH, KATHERINE KHANH Cosmetology Operator
356582 CARCAMO, ANTHONY M Apprentice Electrician
21923 SEIDEL, JAMES R Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
1433714 ALVAREZ, MARTHA GABRIELA Cosmetology Operator
35522 ROBINSON, CODY Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
14970 OLIVAREZ, BENITO Tow Truck Operator (Private Property)
765083 SALON DE BELLEZA COLOR Y ESTILO Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1599947 GETANEH, SAMRAWIT KIDANE Cosmetology Hair Braider
1445947 CLARK, SUSIE H.N Cosmetology Esthetic Instructor
301299 LEWIS, YHAN E Apprentice Electrician
1420266 HO, NHUNG THI Cosmetology Manicurist
50792 STEELE, CHRISTOPHER G A/C Contractor
14506 MUMA, JEROME THOMAS Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
1583896 TURNER, BRITTANY Cosmetology Operator
59733 THAI, TA A/C Technician
677945 SAM CUTS Cosmetology Beauty Salon
36677 COLCHADO, SEVERO Journeyman Electrician
1577770 JORDAN, MORGAN JUNYCE Cosmetology Operator
1067143 O'QUINN, ANGELA SUE Cosmetology Operator
173628 ELSTON, JASON M Master Electrician
35278 PALACIOS, ALEX M A/C Technician
1341635 LY, BINH XIEU Cosmetology Esthetician
256232 OLIVO, EMILIO Apprentice Electrician
1239141 RIOS, CANDIDA I Cosmetology Operator
1663100 HUYNH, THAO THANH THI Cosmetologist
1590544 COULIBALY, DANDARA Cosmetology Hair Braider
1232696 GUTIERREZ, AURELIA JUAREZ Cosmetology Operator
1618233 PENALOZA DURAN, YERALDINE Cosmetology Operator
333767 MYERS, ZACHARY T Apprentice Electrician
106763 HAMZO, GEORGE Y Master Electrician
1456258 NGUYEN, TUYET THI Cosmetology Manicurist
1645145 TRAN, PHUONG C Cosmetology Manicurist
1115573 DE VALENTINO, JESSICA KATHLEEN Cosmetology Operator
1629715 NGUYEN, THI-HONG PHUC Cosmetologist
313379 BRUNETTE, MATTHEW S Apprentice Electrician
305353 MARTINEZ, AUGUSTO Apprentice Electrician
1138649 JACKSON, SHALAUNDRA KWENETTE Cosmetology Operator
34263 CASTILLO , HERBERTO JR Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
259591 RODD, STACY R Apprentice Electrician
1521767 ODELE, ADEROJU A Cosmetology Hair Braider
356249 GILES, KENNETH DAVID Apprentice Electrician
17115 AIVAZIAN, ERIK A/C Contractor
14772 GOMEZ, ARMANDO A/C Technician
353339 DELCID, SERGIO A Apprentice Electrician
35630 TREVINO, SAMUEL SR A/C Technician
1595442 LUNA, DELIA LARA Cosmetology Operator
1568861 NGUYEN, KIEUNHI Cosmetologist
976668 LOBOS, SANDRA CHACON Cosmetology Operator
352358 GONZALES, NATHAN I Apprentice Electrician
1158449 LUONG, KHIEM BINH Cosmetology Operator
104936 RAMIREZ, MANUEL Maintenance Electrician
294694 ALAMO, ANTONIO JR Apprentice Electrician
1538017 CHAGOYA, NANCY Cosmetology Operator
864034 NGUYEN, THUTAM LUU Cosmetology Operator
1633448 HUYNH, LOAN THI Cosmetology Esthetician
198090 LUCIO, RUBEN Journeyman Electrician
1598425 YOUNCE, MAKENSIE L Cosmetology Operator
353007 MARTINEZ ROJO, JUAN CARLOS SR Apprentice Electrician
242346 JONES, CHRISTIAN G Journeyman Electrician
96882 ALBA, JONATHAN P Apprentice Electrician
1336127 OJEDA, BRIANNA MONIQUE Cosmetology Operator
205871 MENDOZA, ITZAEL Apprentice Electrician
346498 RAMOS, DANIEL Apprentice Electrician
300997 GARCIA, ALFREDO Apprentice Electrician
1068261 NGUYEN, DIANE Cosmetology Manicurist
124974 DUGAS, MICHAEL P Apprentice Electrician
177448 JOHNSON, MARK R Master Electrician
191616 AYALA, JOSE B Apprentice Electrician
350457 SOSA, JULIAN E Apprentice Sign Electrician
1233310 RODABADI, JABBAR NIKDAR Cosmetology Operator
1482910 DONALDSON, NICOLE Cosmetology Manicurist
290698 BARGER, WINSTON N III Journeyman Electrician
309362 FELICIEN, CLAUDIUS Apprentice Electrician
243 BEHYMER, SHANE H Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
299265 GUERRERO, EDWARD JR Journeyman Electrician
68519 STONE-MAGNER, ROSE MARIE Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
1600182 COLEMAN, KAMILAH FRANCETTA Cosmetology Operator
25699 PADDOCK, LARRY J A/C Technician
738252 AVENUE NAILS Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
1570909 PINEDA, GLORIA SANTACRUZ Cosmetology Manicurist
247751 GUTIERREZ, ARTURO G JR Apprentice Electrician
1281791 NGUYEN, TINA THANH Cosmetology Manicurist
215129 VALSECCHI, NEIL J Apprentice Electrician
1285787 BUI, HANH BICH THI Cosmetology Manicurist
1102691 DAY, CHRISTINA CHERRI Cosmetology Operator
1534140 ROBERSON, LA CRESIA RENEA Cosmetology Operator Instructor
1671723 COSBY, N'CLESA IMARI Cosmetology Operator
240487 SANCHEZ, HERIBERTO V Apprentice Electrician
1560985 VU, LINDA THANH THUY THI Cosmetology Esthetician
11946 GUILLORY, PERRY J Journeyman Electrician
36046 CONTRERAS, MARCOS A Journeyman Electrician
299604 HERNANDEZ, JOSE Apprentice Electrician
143463 LUNA, ABEL JR Apprentice Electrician
1656128 HUYNH, VI NGUYEN THI Cosmetology Manicurist
32010 WASHINGTON, PD JR Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
1158301 NGUYEN, VINCENT DINH Cosmetology Operator
248334 TIJERO, JEVAE A Journeyman Electrician
300084 RODIGUEZ, MANUEL A Apprentice Electrician
296452 OROS, JOSE ALBERTO Apprentice Electrician
343402 POULAND, BRYAN ALAN Apprentice Electrician
289601 SALAZAR, SALVADOR III Apprentice Electrician
736450 Q NAILS SALON Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
20199 COOGLER, STEVE T Journeyman Electrician
256686 KLINICKI, AARON L Journeyman Electrician
1093865 LEON, EDNA EDITH Cosmetology Operator
57267 STEPHENS, BENNY L JR A/C Technician
1136730 GRACIA, ALMA ROSA Cosmetology Operator
1198704 CHANEY, GINA MICHELL Cosmetology Esthetician
59604 HUGHES, CHARLES A Water Well Driller/Pump Installer
1226877 SALAS, MIGUEL ANGEL Cosmetology Operator
967384 TRAN, THUY HIEU Cosmetology Operator
90164 DIAZ, JAIME Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
99350 WASHINGTON, ANTHONY E SR Apprentice Electrician
347060 RYAN, ARMSTRONG M Apprentice Electrician
1421563 HO, ANH THI KIM Cosmetology Manicurist
651291 THOMAS, DE'JUANUS K Barber, Class A
1400539 VALDEZ, EVELYN Cosmetology Operator
1573037 THOMPSON, LAUREN J Cosmetology Operator
324638 SALINAS, ANA C Apprentice Electrician
13827 TOLAR, JAMES H Journeyman Electrician
1296518 GALBAN, BRITTANY NICOLE Cosmetology Esthetician
1276917 NGUYEN, THANH-HA THI Cosmetology Manicurist
220443 GRIFFIN, JAMIE CRAIG Apprentice Electrician
1440869 GUTIERREZ, ROSITA Cosmetology Operator
251305 MURPHY, FREDERICK Barber, Class A
1348743 VO, LINH T Cosmetology Manicurist
1162185 LE, DZUNG KIM Cosmetology Esthetician
741778 HOTNAILS # 5 Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
689635 NASA HAIR Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1414865 LE, HELEN Cosmetology Manicurist
1575999 VAZQUEZ, JACQUELINE Cosmetology Operator
1247001 NOUVONGSA, VONGCHANH MICHELLE Cosmetology Operator
1587228 WASHINGTON, ANGELA D Cosmetology Esthetician
1525554 DELEON GARCIA, ELSA RUBI Cosmetology Operator
1554529 LE, LINH THUY PHUONG Cosmetology Manicurist
1499477 AGUIRRE, PAOLA A Cosmetology Operator
1542771 SALGADO, DEBORAH Cosmetology Operator
346921 DOLORES VALDEZ, EDGAR A Apprentice Electrician
326265 LERMA, PEDRO Journeyman Electrician
333363 JANKWITZ, OZZY J Apprentice Electrician
1293369 NGUYEN, NHU HA THI Cosmetology Manicurist
1553939 QUANG, MAI AI Cosmetology Manicurist
1474777 NGUYEN, KIM PHUNG Cosmetology Manicurist
35362 WESLEY, BRYANT A/C Technician
1556367 RUBIO, CINDY Cosmetology Operator Instructor
1413706 TRAN, TUYET HOA THI Cosmetology Manicurist
270615 RIOS, GORGE L Apprentice Electrician
61501 MERLAN, ERIC A/C Technician
6190 PHILLIP, EDMUND M Journeyman Electrician
331436 DURAN, JULIO C Journeyman Electrician
863883 O'SULLIVAN, BARBARA JEAN Cosmetology Operator
215790 GARZA, FRANCISCO J Apprentice Electrician
1617888 NGO, DIEN THI Cosmetology Manicurist
316013 PEREZ, JONATHON C Apprentice Electrician
1052255 HA, KIMBERLY Cosmetology Operator
1544107 LE, CHRISTY UYEN Cosmetology Esthetician
133 EXPRESS IMPORTS INC Used Auto Parts Recycler
294545 YANEZ, HUMBERTO JR Apprentice Electrician
334752 VILLEGAS, JESUS A Apprentice Electrician
1558380 NGUYEN, TRUC THI Cosmetology Manicurist
1624668 TRAN, KHA THI Cosmetology Manicurist
92397 ANDERSON, BRANDON JAMAR Apprentice Electrician
1160750 SIMON, MONA MICHELLE Cosmetology Operator
1518617 LE, OANH THI HOANG Cosmetology Manicurist
193839 OROZCO, EFRAIN I Master Electrician
336823 GONZALEZ, ISMAEL JR Apprentice Electrician
1273410 VO, HANH THI Cosmetology Manicurist
1347187 NEWMAN, LAP Cosmetology Manicurist
1547411 LIM, NAVY Cosmetology Manicurist
950109 AING, VANNY Cosmetology Operator
1040818 HUYNH, ANGIE ANH Cosmetology Manicurist
326980 VILLARREAL, CHRISTOPHER M Apprentice Electrician
758074 SWEET DESIRE NAIL LOUNGE Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
1515235 BUI, DUNG T Cosmetology Manicurist
70873 RIVERA, MIGUEL A Apprentice Electrician
1523057 HOLLIER, KAITLYN Cosmetology Operator
65954 REVE, RAFAEL A A/C Technician
1200434 ZUERCHER, TISHA MAE Cosmetology Operator
1490149 MOBLEY, KARI LYNN Cosmetology Operator
1403290 COOK, CHRISTOPHER AARON Cosmetology Operator
84835 DEAL, LYMAN R Apprentice Electrician
18580 LAM, DIEU M A/C Technician
126910 WOODRUFF, SANDRA ROSE Cosmetology Esthetician
1567320 THRASH, KATHRYN MICHELLE Cosmetology Operator Instructor
642188 JEANNINE HAIR DESIGN Cosmetology Beauty Salon
666783 GOODNESS CREATION Cosmetology Beauty Salon
731167 NASA NAILS Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
32817 ORTEGA, ALFREDO SR Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
111480 FATSURA, VICKI Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
738583 K BEAUTY SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
26425 TESORI, GENE A/C Technician
82166 HEILANDER, DENNIS S Apprentice Electrician
1221043 NGUYEN, HUONG THITHUY Cosmetology Manicurist
338378 SMITH, DE'MARQUIN W Apprentice Electrician
1139119 DINH, TRANG T Cosmetology Operator
30039 MINTER, JASON P Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
303353 GONZALEZ ALVAREZ, URIEL J Apprentice Electrician
1639636 MARTINEZ, BERTA Cosmetology Operator
162995 CANO, FERNANDO Apprentice Electrician
36013 DELGADILLO, IVAN Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
COSMNS00756064 D & K NAILS
1504477 GONZALEZ, AMELIA Cosmetology Operator
1198075 DUONG, CUA VAN Cosmetology Manicurist
54168 HOLCOMB, LUCILLE Barber, Class A
613272 ROSE BEAUTY SPOT Cosmetology Beauty Salon
55181 YANEZ, ESTEBAN L Journeyman Electrician
1266414 WANG, XI Cosmetology Manicurist
321351 JONES, PERCY Apprentice Electrician
738701 SALON VIVID Cosmetology Beauty Salon
54320 CANALES, GREGORIO Apprentice Electrician
18035 PACHECO, OSCAR C A/C Contractor
298278 DOMAPIAS, DEREK Apprentice Electrician
1234254 HUYNH, KIM-THUY THI Cosmetology Manicurist