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Texas Business License

1323943 WILSON, LEAH ELIZABETH Cosmetology Operator
300224 ORTEGA, JAVIER Apprentice Electrician
98750 ACRES, JIMMY L Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
294467 KEMP, JAMES D Apprentice Electrician
981732 NELSON, BEVERLY ANN Cosmetology Operator Instructor
23416 SPECIA PLUMBING & ELECTRIC INC Electrical Contractor
11706 BRADLEY, JAMES E Master Electrician
755979 SIRENA'S HOUSE OF HAIR Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1248847 SANCHEZ, ASHLEY Cosmetology Operator
59683 JOHNSON, BOBBY W Apprentice Electrician
30926 ANGELES, GABRIEL F Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
1518498 NGUYEN, LOAN Cosmetology Manicurist
24867 ONEILL, ROBERT P Journeyman Electrician
260136 PESINA, EDWARD A SR Apprentice Electrician
226738 PREVO, BARBARA ANN Barber, Class A
326855 RAMIREZ, LUIS A Apprentice Electrician
295062 JOAQUIN, HUGO L Apprentice Electrician
26528 SHINN, RICHARD L A/C Contractor
749431 CONNIE & CREW Cosmetology Beauty Salon
346427 SOLIS MIRELES, CARLOS I Apprentice Electrician
1624635 NGUYEN, TO TAM THI Cosmetology Manicurist
214605 BERLINGERI, JAMES ROBERT III Journeyman Electrician
1562472 HO, DUYEN T Cosmetology Manicurist
937727 GREENING, DEBBIE A Cosmetology Operator
815600 KEETH, MARIA NORMA Cosmetology Operator
146040 REASON, JIMMIE Apprentice Electrician
1202272 PUENTES, MARIA FRANCO Cosmetology Operator
761762 SABINA SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
2175 HARGUS, LARRY K A/C Technician
239316 CLARK, DONALD M Barber, Class A
215469 CABRERA, JESUS I Apprentice Electrician
762 CCPS INC Appliance Installation Contractor
1189240 PEPPER, DARLA J Cosmetology Esthetician
58330 SIMPSON, NICHOLAS A A/C Technician
289128 CANNON, REGIS J Master Electrician
1501203 DELGADO, GLENDA JOSEFINA Cosmetology Esthetician
317585 STAHL, JOHN R Apprentice Electrician
27477 DIEGEL, LEO D JR Master Electrician
112616 MARULES, GEORGE P Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
158124 COOK, CAROLYN Cosmetology Operator
17452 PARKS, BROCK R Auctioneer
320168 MICHAEL, PRIDE Apprentice Electrician
19196 QUALITY ELECTRIC Electrical Contractor
329209 RUMMEL, ANDELA K Apprentice Electrician
126994 LAFOUR, STEPHINE L Apprentice Electrician
259904 FLORES DE LEON, EDGAR O Apprentice Electrician
1402453 HOANG, AMY HUONG Cosmetology Operator
1314316 GARCIA, ASHLIE LORRIANE Cosmetology Esthetician
192254 BANDA, ARMANDO Apprentice Electrician
29884 SALAZAR, FRANCISCO O A/C Contractor
882821 BROWNING, LINDA NELL Cosmetology Operator
252410 ZALESAK, DAVID P Apprentice Electrician
3806 WEBER, JONATHAN J Master Electrician
43372 HERNANDEZ, GERARDO A A/C Contractor
1328180 AYESTAS, WALDINA Cosmetology Manicurist
344492 ORTEGA, SAMUEL Apprentice Electrician
313061 GUTIERREZ, VICTOR M Apprentice Electrician
1248479 TU, NGOC-THU Cosmetology Manicurist
346624 AYALA, LUIS D Apprentice Electrician
955388 MEYER, REBECCA LYNN Cosmetology Operator
SECOND00028812 SUAREZ, LUIS Second
235835 DODD, EARNEST M Apprentice Electrician
688745 BEYOND NAILS & DAY SPA Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
31217 POUNCEY, ERIC L Dual Towing Operator(IM)/VSF Employee
1598354 CHAPOY, ASHLEY Cosmetology Operator
106524 HOOD, MARCUS Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
1219322 DAO, HIEN TRUNG Cosmetology Operator
10832 ROBINSON, JUDY LUTHER Auctioneer
201852 PEDEN, JONATHAN E Apprentice Electrician
308370 FLORES, BALDOMERO JR Apprentice Electrician
306081 LAGOS, NELSON Apprentice Electrician
305064 VILLAGRAN, MOISES Apprentice Electrician
1464047 SETTLES, DANIELLE MONIQUE Cosmetology Operator
1527421 MALDONADO, IRMA CONSUELO Cosmetology Operator
22911 ESTRADA, TONY Dual Towing Operator(IM)/VSF Employee
213354 VINCENT, ANTHONY Journeyman Electrician
1608766 NGUYEN, QUOC M Cosmetology Manicurist
153586 PORRES, MARY FAYE Cosmetology Operator
10472 MCPEEK, MIKE A Master Electrician
734906 TOTAL IMAGE Cosmetology Esthetician Salon
324478 GEER, CHRISTIAN F Journeyman Electrician
112472 SCHMITT, RICHARD Journeyman Electrician
217238 VIEYRA, ELEAZAR V SR Journeyman Electrician
1445690 BONDS, ASHLEY NICOLE Cosmetology Esthetician
1339056 LLOYD, JULIE DAWN Cosmetology Operator Instructor
21227 ERWIN, THOMAS D Master Electrician
627982 MARKHAM EAST STYLISTS Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1456221 MARTIN, ROXANNE M Cosmetology Operator
1058457 OLIVER, TERESA Cosmetology Manicurist
1585735 MONSIVIAS, ARACELI Cosmetology Operator
1645209 PONO, CHRISTIE J Cosmetology Hair Braider
348119 GONZALEZ, JOSSUE M Apprentice Electrician
59960 COX, CORY C A/C Contractor
1630558 ESTRADA, EMMA BARRAGAN Cosmetology Operator
267106 SOTO, JESUS B Apprentice Electrician
284431 QUINTERO, BERNARDINO SR Apprentice Electrician
1583445 TRAN, MY DUNG THI Cosmetology Manicurist
5131 BREIG, PAUL A A/C Technician
298499 GARCIA, DANIEL A Apprentice Electrician
1288533 OCHOA, APRIL Cosmetology Operator
1652817 VU, ANH THI-LAN Cosmetology Manicurist
1494713 MARTINEZ, GABRIELA GARCIA Cosmetology Operator
736390 JUST TEASIN SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
256021 MONCADA, HECTOR JR Apprentice Electrician
604134 JOSIE'S BEAUTY SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
327933 HARRIS, TREAVER LYNN Apprentice Electrician
985754 WOOLEY, LEEANN Cosmetology Operator
1584105 CRUZ, MOISES Cosmetology Operator
304305 CRUZ-LOPEZ, HANSEL A Apprentice Electrician
1054407 PITMAN, KAREN DIANE Cosmetology Operator
1478136 MOORE, SHELBY MAE Cosmetology Operator
1507101 LE, HANH T-THUAN Cosmetology Esthetician
1562321 RAMOS, MANUELITA Cosmetologist
339226 RUIZ, SENORINO Apprentice Electrician
332522 ROMERO, JOSHUA A Apprentice Electrician
321882 MEDINA, JESSE J Apprentice Electrician
1334524 DOAN, PHIEU Cosmetology Manicurist
14843 HALE, KEVIN Journeyman Electrician
1317084 NGUYEN, THAO PHUONG Cosmetology Manicurist
40987 CHESTER, MIKE E A/C Technician
251620 MORIN, RODRIGO JR Apprentice Electrician
6936 JOYCE, GOODE M VSF Employee
36859 COLE, DAVID P Journeyman Electrician
1459216 DEAN, TUYET NHUNG TRAN Cosmetology Operator Instructor
167528 RODRIGUEZ, MARK ANTHONY Apprentice Electrician
1211580 NEWSOME, ANNIE P. Cosmetology Operator
1188453 NGUYEN, PHUONG Cosmetology Manicurist
1420724 HA, MY DUNG Cosmetology Manicurist
1332738 TRAN, EM Cosmetology Manicurist
71596 CASH, MISHAY KATHRYN Property Tax Appraiser
5602 SPEARS, WILLIAM P Journeyman Electrician
118936 CAIN, WILLIAM F Master Electrician
247270 POUNCEY, CODY W Apprentice Electrician
1508426 NGUYEN, DIEM HA THI Cosmetology Manicurist
737491 EDUARDO'S HAIR DESIGN Cosmetology Beauty Salon
108588 SWINDELL, MARY ANN Cosmetology Operator
186142 VILLAMIL, JOSE E Apprentice Electrician
1491374 NGUYEN, NGUYEN LE Cosmetology Operator
1164852 REYES, PAULA Cosmetology Operator
1547355 RODRIGUEZ, KAYLA ELISSE Cosmetology Operator
1115489 MC WHIRTER, SATHINA Cosmetology Operator
1581687 DIAZ-PEREZ, TANIA Cosmetology Operator
1427211 HOUSE, KIMIYO F Cosmetology Manicurist
1400035 ROSSETTE, XOCHYTL Cosmetology Operator
1220939 BOURLAND, KIERSTEN BROOKE Cosmetology Operator
52350 ZANNONE, GIUSEPPE P A/C Contractor
3317 GONZALES, THOMAS A Master Electrician
14316 GAUNTT, DOUGLAS E A/C Contractor
1179843 HA, NHI A. Cosmetology Manicurist
750132 DROP DEAD GORGEOUS HAIR SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
116311 WESTERMAN, CHARLES A Journeyman Electrician
1472382 DO, PHUONG MY Cosmetology Esthetician
1570367 BOTHWELL, KATIE JILL Cosmetology Operator
240098 ESCAJEDA, ADRIAN O Apprentice Electrician
747420 MCKEY & COMPANY Cosmetology Beauty Salon
232488 HARVEY, BERNARD SR Apprentice Electrician
1689842 LE, LILIAN HIEN Cosmetology Manicurist
72087 KLINE, GEORGE L JR Apprentice Electrician
114011 HORCASITAS, BLANCA M Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
5530 SYNNOTT, BRADLEY T Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
1527829 AVELLANEDA, NANCY Cosmetology Operator
249175 WALSTON, CECIL T Apprentice Electrician
34459 HASSELGREN, GAIL F Journeyman Electrician
331939 PATATUCHI CARDOSO, ALAN E Apprentice Electrician
63880 SANTIAGO, ELISEO JR A/C Technician
1478461 NGUYEN, JASON TAN Cosmetology Manicurist
1474090 LOPEZ, NANCY NATALIA Cosmetology Operator
1463474 HO, PHUONG-THAO THI Cosmetology Esthetician
618708 NEW DIRECTIONS/DENNIS MOTES Cosmetology Beauty Salon
10594 FLORES, YOLANDA Property Tax Consultant
1531727 BAHENA PITA, AGUSTINA Cosmetology Operator
327984 GUND, MARK A Apprentice Electrician
1224039 SANCHEZ, ESPERANZA BOCANEGRA Cosmetology Operator
341426 BROWN, TONY RAY Apprentice Electrician
309459 CEDILLO, ANDREW Apprentice Electrician
1489017 MEJIA, MAKENZIE MARIE Cosmetology Operator
967334 FONO, PORTIA LUELLA Cosmetology Operator
65721 PEREZ, EDWARD A/C Technician
346288 SANTIAGO, JUAN F JR Apprentice Electrician
320972 GUERRERO, ANDREW Apprentice Electrician
1623749 SCHUMACHER, LAUREN JANICE Cosmetology Operator
1134250 OKECHUKWU, MABEL UMEBE Cosmetology Operator
1411201 LY, KIM QUYEN Cosmetology Manicurist
27136 CANNING, NOAH A/C Technician
5369 VALENZUELA, PAUL A/C Technician
27358 DDB CONSTRUCTION ELECTRIC Electrical Contractor
327662 VAZQUEZ, JOSE J Journeyman Electrician
1538612 BENAVIDEZ, ROSA LAURA Cosmetology Operator
1619608 NGUYEN, EM THI Cosmetologist
103023 FALZARANO, HEATH E Journeyman Electrician
1451343 ALFARO, VICTORIA A Cosmetology Operator
1082700 THOI, TAMMY T Cosmetology Manicurist
1219529 AYALA, AMBER L Cosmetology Operator
225867 RHONDA' BARBER SHOP Barber Shop
28467 BUSTER, JASON S Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
1037040 FRUMKIN, TSILIA Cosmetology Esthetician
28456 HILL, CHRIS G A/C Contractor
354266 NUNEZ, LEANDRO Apprentice Electrician
1688630 PHAM, NHAN T Cosmetology Manicurist
1626176 MORALES, GLORIA Cosmetology Operator
1421563 HO, ANH THI KIM Cosmetology Manicurist
10300 HLAVATY, MICHAEL STEVEN Property Tax Consultant
31253 FLORES, RAUL A Journeyman Electrician
286634 PARSLEY, JASON A Apprentice Electrician
348488 HUANG, YINGFENG Apprentice Electrician
1248899 GENTRY, MEAGAN Cosmetology Operator
1657813 COOPER, MELISA Cosmetology Operator
1488395 HENSLEY, CASEY JO Cosmetology Operator
26968 HOLLAND, JUSTIN W Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
68419 BALLOU, WESLEY S Property Tax Appraiser
1627218 ABUHALAWAH, YOUSEF Cosmetology Operator
40374 HAGAMAN, LAWRENCE M Journeyman Electrician
760000 LE BISOU Cosmetology Beauty Salon
319469 GARZA, JOSE A Apprentice Electrician
1479027 ROCHA, JESSICA Cosmetology Operator
309487 BARAHONA, ANTONIO Apprentice Electrician
1066158 VALDIVIA, GLORIA Cosmetology Operator
354654 DUGAN, MATTHEW Apprentice Electrician
741415 CAMILA'S BEAUTY SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
888864 HAGGARD, SHARON ANN Cosmetology Operator
64217 CORK, JACKIE DON Barber, Class A
1127498 NGUYEN, HENRY Cosmetology Manicurist
1588706 GONZALEZ, MARIA VIRIDIANA Cosmetology Operator
1179109 CLARK, ANDREA JANE Cosmetology Operator
1531486 ALVEY, CECILE Cosmetology Operator
1635365 SPIKES, WANDA L. Cosmetology Operator
97025 THOMAS, LARRY D Journeyman Electrician
319137 SCHIBETTA, SALVATORE M Apprentice Electrician
158048 KENNEDY, AARON R Apprentice Electrician
56954 LINDSEY, RICHARD H Apprentice Electrician
739058 HAIR WE GO STUDIO Cosmetology Beauty Salon
136987 LAWSON, CODY V Apprentice Electrician
9393 LEE, ROGER D Journeyman Electrician
2410 MENDOZA, LEONARDO A Used Auto Parts Recycler Employee
7689 RHODES, DAVID E Auctioneer
257053 BROWN, KELSON R Journeyman Sign Electrician
1201378 NGUYEN, OANH THI NGOC Cosmetology Manicurist
23862 GARRISON, JESSE A A/C Technician
1677477 NGUYEN, NGUYEN KIM THI Cosmetology Operator
1212950 THOMPSON, VANESSA EULANDA Cosmetology Operator
31768 PETEE, RUSSELL E JR Tow Truck Operator (Private Property)
1332409 NGUYEN, NGA THI Cosmetology Esthetician
117513 PONTON, JUSTIN G Apprentice Electrician
32341 MCCLURE, DACOBY J Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
25354 V & S ELECTRIC Electrical Contractor
1519813 GAUNA, DALILA BREE Cosmetology Operator
1294225 MUNGUIA, MARISELA BARRIENTOS Cosmetology Operator
1670686 DO, PHUONG THAO THI Cosmetologist
311710 BUTLER, LADON D Apprentice Electrician
68842 PORTILLO, OMAR A/C Technician
343278 TAIE, STEVEN L Apprentice Electrician
173298 HALL, DAVID A Master Electrician
20165 LANTA COMPANY, LLC Elevator Contractor
1319539 COOPER BECK, EMILY ANN Cosmetology Operator
2825 JUAREZ, FRANCISCO Used Auto Parts Recycler Employee
983124 THOMAS, SHANNON LEIGH Cosmetology Operator
302247 RAMOS, RICARDO JR Apprentice Electrician
212234 BROWN, MICHAEL D Master Electrician
1168699 SKELTON, ANGELA JANETTE Cosmetology Operator
359611 TOVAR, HUGO E Apprentice Electrician
1659058 NGUYEN, PHUC THANH Cosmetology Manicurist
1422779 NGUYEN, KIM Cosmetology Manicurist
55014 DIAZ, CLEMENTE Apprentice Electrician
332024 MCDONALD, JOHNATHAN M Apprentice Electrician
118876 STARK, LYDIA S Apprentice Electrician
1092251 HARRIS, KRISTI DEANN Cosmetology Operator
1218 RODRIGUEZ, EDWARD J Registered Accessibility Specialist
1265230 KITCHEN, SYLETTE T Cosmetology Operator
1444693 HAGER, MEGAN LYNN Cosmetology Esthetician
176499 PLATTENBURG, KENNETH D Apprentice Electrician
84927 CAMPOS, RENE Journeyman Electrician
1403525 HO, PHUOC THANH Cosmetology Manicurist
91810 MORELAND, CLIFFORD R Journeyman Electrician
741782 CHANAILS & SPA Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
70054 SAWYERS, ANDRE E A/C Technician
310495 GARCIA, SANTOS Apprentice Electrician
103049 ELLIOTT, JOSEPH E Journeyman Electrician
297028 BURCH, DEVIN C Apprentice Electrician
1608605 TUN, MAY YI Cosmetology Operator
20924 TORRES, ESTEBAN Journeyman Electrician
5316 PONCE, BRUCE E Journeyman Electrician
278695 FLORES, SAMUEL Apprentice Electrician
15503 RIVAS, RAUL A A/C Technician
224986 LUNA, BERTHA A Barber, Class A
1538426 MARTINEZ, ROSALIA Cosmetology Manicurist
280423 LAWS, BUDDY A Apprentice Electrician
42268 MORENO, JORGE L A/C Contractor
1614027 PLACHY, AIYANA RAE Cosmetology Operator
1558032 MENDOZA, SAMANTHA Cosmetology Operator
1467397 TEMPLE, BETTYE JEAN Cosmetology Operator Instructor
1514665 CHOATE, HEATHER Cosmetology Operator
1475022 NGUYEN, VAN T Cosmetology Manicurist
1561201 NGUYEN, QUANG THAI Cosmetology Manicurist
194854 BILLY, CROSBY R Apprentice Electrician
14862 MOLINA, DAVID A/C Contractor
3710 HERNANDEZ, ANDRES JR A/C Technician
672019 MYLINDA RENAY SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
339464 ORUM, CHANCE A Apprentice Electrician
125202 PHILLIPS, GWYNDOLYNN D Journeyman Electrician
11406 LOVELADY, BOBBY D Journeyman Electrician
1586320 NGUYEN, TRAM THI Cosmetology Manicurist
253889 RUSSELL, STEPHANIE L Apprentice Electrician
1408266 MARTINEZ, ANALISA R Cosmetology Esthetician
1528707 LAWRENCE, HOLLY JUNE Cosmetology Operator
1673291 TANG, HANG THI THU Cosmetologist
68705 MATRANGA, LISA D Property Tax Appraiser
347500 HERNANDEZ, JASON Apprentice Electrician
337809 HINOJOSA, GREGORY Apprentice Electrician
606754 GLADYS' BOUTIQUE Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1564494 ADAME, SONG CHAU THI Cosmetology Esthetician
326578 GRISSO, BRIAN DAVID Journeyman Electrician
1620762 PITMAN, ASHLEY Cosmetology Operator
228564 JONATHAN, ZACARIAS D Apprentice Electrician
1463214 HARVEY, FELECIA Cosmetology Operator Instructor
136829 ANGELLE, GWEN Cosmetology Operator
750312 HEAVENLY LASHES & NAILS SPA Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
11752 ESTRADA, CINDY J VSF Employee
1587626 DEFREES, KRISTIN JOANNA Cosmetology Operator
10822 BAILEY, CHRISTOPHER L A/C Technician
5993 MONK, DWIGHT E Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
22238 MARTIN, JESSIE A/C Contractor
26367 SINCLAIR, DANIEL R A/C Contractor
9391 ALTMAN, JIMMY EUGENE A/C Contractor
328270 MOUZAKIS , JOSEPH D III Apprentice Electrician
606542 CHRISTIAN CARE CENTER Cosmetology Beauty Salon
71085 MCCALL, SHERRI D Property Tax Assessor/Collector
159548 MIRELES, ALTAGRACIA Cosmetology Operator
1546064 NGUYEN, NGOC DIEM THI Cosmetology Manicurist
270251 FREEMAN, DREW ' MARCUS A Apprentice Electrician
744920 FRANCIS' BEAUTY SALON Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1562392 CAMARENO, ALYSSA NICOLE Cosmetologist
1551804 LARREW, BETHANY Cosmetology Operator
70668 HAFFELFINGER, BARBARA S Property Tax Assessor/Collector
10986 NORTH, FRANK WAYNE A/C Contractor
1286180 NGUYEN, PHUONG THU Cosmetology Esthetician
305745 ANTU, JAIME A JR Apprentice Electrician
1320175 NGUYEN, CAM HANG THI Cosmetology Esthetician
109116 ARGUETA, DENIS O Journeyman Electrician
269335 RODRIGUEZ, EZEQUIEL Apprentice Electrician
629434 POSTEL, ERIC JASON Barber, Class A
237618 ELLIS, AISAC L Apprentice Electrician
26091 THOMPSON, JOHN T Master Electrician
1614594 MORENO, ANA T Cosmetology Operator
187052 LEAL, LORENZO Apprentice Electrician
10987 MURRAY, PATRICK P Journeyman Electrician
320634 ATEN, JESSE C JR Apprentice Electrician
1434205 RIVERA, ELIZABETH Cosmetology Operator
1556788 JOAO, DESIREE Cosmetology Operator
1666453 VO, CAROLINE DAO Cosmetology Manicurist
233949 BRUTON, CHRISTOPHER C Apprentice Electrician
239262 THOMPSON, MICHAEL Barber, Class A
1427289 GONZALEZ, BERTHA A Cosmetology Operator
1291064 HAUSMANN, ELIATY Cosmetology Operator
338487 HOWARD, MICHAEL J Apprentice Electrician
1493828 EPPS, LATANYA Cosmetology Operator
1256051 GARCIA, RITA Cosmetology Operator
1443823 MOON, JAE HYUN Cosmetology Operator
36568 RUBIO, JUSTIN Journeyman Electrician
1646366 DOAN, ANTHONY Cosmetology Manicurist
1060017 MARTINEZ, MARIA E Cosmetology Operator
18199 ADVANTAGE SIGNS INC Electrical Sign Contractor
292498 BELL, MICHAEL Apprentice Electrician
32632 TROUT, ALLEN Dual Towing Operator(IM)/VSF Employee
1184317 FIERRO, ESTHELA H Cosmetology Operator
1478296 PHAN, LOAN THI Cosmetology Manicurist
1066791 MICKENS, COLLETTE Cosmetology Operator
1522235 MOYA, HEATHER MARIE Cosmetology Operator
48462 EILAND, THOMAS D Journeyman Electrician
1569217 GAUNA, ROSALBA Cosmetology Operator
12689 PORTER, RONALD A/C Technician
1196 LAYMAN, JASON J Polygraph Examiner
1314996 NGUYEN, HOP THI BICH Cosmetology Manicurist
1157515 NGUYEN, KIEU HANH STACIE Cosmetology Operator
1576555 STILES, SIERRA RENEE Cosmetology Esthetician
63122 LOPEZ, ADAN A/C Technician
1645752 TRAN, TERRY Cosmetologist
1442586 LE, OANH THI Cosmetology Esthetician
1468204 LAM, MINH DUC Cosmetology Manicurist
37525 VISE, CURTIS W Journeyman Electrician
51928 MURDOCK, DOUGLAS B Master Electrician
337606 NAVARRO, JESUS Apprentice Electrician
1513710 CARDWELL, SHENATE Cosmetology Hair Braider
1337380 NGUYEN, CHAN XUAN Cosmetology Operator
313155 DUARTE, OSCAR Apprentice Electrician
1180115 HILLMAN, LORRI LYNN Cosmetology Esthetician
747549 ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS SPA Cosmetology Beauty Salon
1439952 FREEMAN, CANDYCE LAYNE Cosmetology Operator
1954 CITY BARBER SHOP Barber Shop
20710 CARLISLE, LARRY W Journeyman Electrician
1123018 DO, JOCELYNE MAI TUYET Cosmetology Manicurist
325343 CORTEZ, AARON Apprentice Electrician
981883 BORDELON, REBECCA ELIZABETH Cosmetology Operator
711849 PARAGON HAIR STUDIO Cosmetology Beauty Salon
743641 FANCY NAILS & HAIR Cosmetology Beauty Salon
212590 PAVLACKA, DAVID WAYNE Journeyman Electrician
1639738 DOAN, THUY T Cosmetology Manicurist
58680 JONES, STEVIE J A/C Technician
1511468 SNOW, ALLISON L Cosmetology Operator
1284563 APPERSON, HANH PHUONG Cosmetology Esthetician
1566371 RUIZ, HATTI Cosmetology Operator
1505449 THACH, LOAN Cosmetology Manicurist
226157 50'S BARBER SHOP Barber Shop
136174 DEGOLLADO, ROBERTO JR Apprentice Electrician
1544221 GARZA, JACKELYNN LIZBETH Cosmetology Operator
231983 MEYER, JEFFERY L Journeyman Electrician
34573 CORDOVA, CANDELARIO F A/C Technician
256468 WHITEHURST, CLINTON Apprentice Sign Electrician
6197 COOPER, CONRAD A A/C Technician
44384 ROBERSON, JACOB D A/C Technician
73308 ARENT, LEE G Master Electrician
335104 BORJAS, KANE D Apprentice Electrician
1469610 NELLES, SANDY G Cosmetology Esthetician
21252 BROWN ELECTRIC Electrical Contractor
88279 JONES, ANCIL TUPPER Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
102116 SCHAUFERT, WILLIAM F Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
24863 PROFICIENT ELECTRIC INC Electrical Contractor
1497143 LUONG, TRUC T Cosmetology Manicurist
25917 MUNOS, ANGEL Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
1136474 MANNA, MICHELLE ANTOINETTE Cosmetology Operator
317549 PRESSWOOD, MICHAEL WAYNE Apprentice Electrician
242096 PACHECO, JOSIE Barber, Class A
63312 SHI, MIN A/C Technician
1512046 COLLINS, DARLISHA DONISHA Cosmetology Operator
1562707 MENA, ERIKA Cosmetology Manicurist
1591898 QUINTANA CAYETANO, ANITA Cosmetology Operator
226403 NOLEN, JOHN M Appliance Installer
1591678 GONZALEZ, MARINA Cosmetology Operator
203742 SERNA, VICTOR M Apprentice Electrician
1180361 GONZALES-GARCIA, LAURA M Cosmetology Operator
52957 JONES, MILDRED S Barber, Class A
1631192 PHAN, TRAM M Cosmetology Operator
1167409 BAEZ-STONE, DELIA Cosmetology Operator
765686 LE HA NAILS Cosmetology Esthetician/Manicure Salon
1144519 LIMUEL, DAKALA LA KEISHA Cosmetology Operator
1411515 GARCIA, JENNIFER ANN Cosmetology Operator
1270102 CASILLAS, MARIA ELENA Cosmetology Operator
53555 TURLINGTON, RONNIE W Barber, Class A
342824 MOLDONADO, RAYMOND Apprentice Electrician
61079 CASTILLO, ANTHONY G Journeyman Electrician
879736 VITELA, MARIA GUADALUPE Cosmetology Operator
1494649 SMITH, AMBER DAWN Cosmetology Esthetician
1083772 COVINGTON, KIZZY ROYETTE Cosmetology Operator
264325 CARTER, JACOB L Apprentice Electrician
1072582 TURNER, ARETHEA NICOLE Cosmetology Operator
31275 GRANGER, JOHN Tow Truck Operator (Incident Management)
28100 SANCHEZ, ARNOLD A/C Technician
151901 BROWN, JOHN A Apprentice Electrician
1013980 SAUCEDO, ORALIA Cosmetology Operator
148951 HINOJOSA, DAVID G JR Apprentice Electrician
27484 VIDALES, MARK A SR Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
1506785 IGLEHART, ROBIN LEIGH Cosmetology Operator
248348 MIJARES, FELIPE D SR Apprentice Electrician
50868 ROSALES, PEDRO R Apprentice Electrician
1081930 PRADO, LIZ HOPE Cosmetology Operator
1136245 AYALA, LUDIVINA Cosmetology Operator
92884 NORMAN, SUSAN Legal Service Contract Sales Rep
1706 CONTRERAS, TRINIDAD J Used Auto Parts Recycler Employee
1087187 BLACK, JACLYN LASHA Cosmetology Operator
1048443 PIERSON, SELENA Cosmetology Operator
349968 BOICE, BILLY R II Apprentice Electrician
12304 HEUGATTER, ALLEN RAY Auctioneer
11710 HERNANDEZ, JESUS Master Electrician
911806 ALVAREZ, LOUISA A Cosmetology Operator
248593 HELGERMAN, RICHARD L JR Apprentice Electrician
353183 MCCRANIE, BLAKE DANIEL Journeyman Electrician
1631053 DICKSON, DESTINY Cosmetology Operator
1628610 FONTENOT, SUSAN RENEE Cosmetologist
23748 CAJUN ELECTRIC Electrical Contractor
866829 LYNN, JANET SUSAN Cosmetology Operator
349373 SCOTT, BRIAN Apprentice Electrician
820002 DELGADO, BIANCA ALICE Cosmetology Operator
256147 GODINA, ANTONIO Apprentice Electrician
1474153 NGUYEN, MARK DAVID Cosmetology Manicurist
36516 DOZIER, JEFF W Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
252705 CRUZ, WILLIAM E Apprentice Electrician
83904 CASTILLO, ALEXANDER Apprentice Electrician
35767 MACK, DANIEL S Tow Truck Operator (Consent Tow)
1254244 LE, LOAN THU Cosmetology Esthetician
1484806 BERNHARDT, JENNIFER NICOLE Cosmetology Operator
315483 SOUTHERN, GARY L Apprentice Electrician
80203 GRESHAM, CHRISTOPHER S Master Electrician
675789 MARICELA'S GREAT LOOKS Cosmetology Beauty Salon